Fresh. Modernistic. Inclusive To All.


Six years ago in her mother’s kitchen, 16 year old Teanna Bass started her career as a makeup artist. She used makeup to enhance the individual’s beauty not create it. Teanna encourages the usage of makeup as a form of self-expression and exploration. At the end of Teanna’s sophomore year of college, with an entrepreneurial spirit, Sweet Tea Cosmetics was conceived. Through Sweet Tea Cosmetics and her character, Teanna is dedicated to put an end to the stigma behind makeup.

Still, in its early phases, Sweet Tea Cosmetics hopes to align itself in the likes of many other small beauty brands, to serve the community it loves best. Sweet Tea Cosmetics brands itself as a Fresh, Modernistic, Conscious, and Inclusive beauty brand that is dedicated to serving FACE to everyone.

Teanna Bass

A Saint Louis Native and soon-to-be Alumna from the University of Missouri - Columbia. As an outgoing and well-rounded individual, Teanna is very outspoken and assertive, and she also loves aiding anyone in need. She is business oriented which derived from her days as a member and former president of her high school’s DECA incorporated chapter. It transformed her into a dauntless entrepreneur. Teanna is currently a senior in college studying Textile and Apparel Management with a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship.

Outside of School, you can find Teanna with her team at the Sweet Tea Cosmetic store working on their next business strategy. Teanna is also dedicated to philanthropy and serves AT THE tRUE nORTH sHELTER IN cOLUMBIA, mISSOURI. wHERE SHE provides advocacy and support for domestic and sexual violence victims.